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We amounts from partners experts at study, at foresight and at innovation at service from the transformation from brands

From the outset, Adwise was founded on the conviction that the social sciences' perspective on reality and the ad hoc hybridization of customer knowledge sources, combined with a partnership approach to consultancy, were complementary and necessary to help you make the right decisions. And we're more committed than ever. 

So, in today's changing world, we're integrating methods derived from foresight to ensure the relevance and sustainability of the solutions we provide. And always with the agility that characterises us.

Our vision from our role

What makes us different

As an institute on a human scale, we operate like a professional family. When you entrust your projects to Adwise, your problem becomes our problem. You benefit from an agile and committed team with a high level of seniority, a personalised service to solve your problems, our exacting standards in putting results into perspective and strategic recommendations for action.

Our values


We are driven by a strong value of serviceand obsessed with quality and the excellence with which we carry out our business. jobour passion We understand your demand for agility, which, in addition to speed, also means the ability to adapt to financial and human constraints.


We believe that over 20 years' experience in agencies and advertisers, in close contact with your consumers in different sectors and for a variety of issues, enables us to build bridges and enrich our recommendations. 

Methodological innovation

Curious by nature, progressive philosophy, we are constantly on the lookout for new techniques and methods to enhance our services. ad hoc methodological recommendations. Digital, virtual reality, crowdsourcing, creative animations, influencer communities... let's use the most relevant techniques together!


No matter how complex your issues and your targetswe are committed to providing you with clear, concise and simple study results to activate. Our recommendations are committed. business oriented "and always meet your objectives strategicOur roadmaps are precise and enable you to move forward quickly and efficiently.


Alone we go faster; together we go further! Going beyond studies and offer you genuine advice - that's our vision of our business. Because working in close partnership at every stage of your project guarantees its success, its internal ownership and the success of your business. successful activation.


Nothing would be possible without kindness and theempathy They invite us to change the way we look at things. Listening to everyone, neutral but sensitive to what they have to say, we adopt the right distance to take on board the life stories and experiences of our customers. experiences.

Our specifics

  • 20 years of BtoB and BtoC expertise
  • Our fully integrated qualitative and quantitative approach
  • Our ability to weave meaning by integrating data from multiple sources
  • Our TrendsLab socio-cultural expertise
  • Protopia©, our innovative methodology for imaginary activities
  • Our pool of designers, the Team Factory©.
  • Our creative, solutions-oriented mindset
  • Our loyal customers

Our key figures 

  • 700 studies and ad hoc assignments carried out
  • 65% in qualitative research & 35% in quantitative research
  • 40 repeat customers (>10 years)
  • 7 consultants trained in sociology, anthropology, history, linguistics, statistics and data analysis
  • 60% of research in France and 40% abroad
  • 8 key sectors: insurance, education, food, beauty and hygiene, mobility, housing, retail, media

Our team

Our actions CSR

Reducing carbon footprint

choosing to use video groups/interviews, avoiding travel for everyone by encouraging teleworking, limiting unnecessary printing.

Respecting and helping local communities

by donating basic necessities and foodstuffs to neighbourhood associations

Respect for employees

Promoting dialogue as part of a shared governance approach, diversity of profiles and banning discrimination Commitment to CAT workshops

Respect for the environment

through concrete actions to restrict printing, sort waste on a daily basis and recycle used paper, in partnership with the Post Office (RECYGO)

Promotes employment and provides all its services locally.

Pays tax in France.

Our commitment RGPD

Adwise respects RGPD rules and the professional instructions ofEsomar. We guarantee confidentiality and personal data. We continually invest in data protection technologies. Our team is trained in securing data.

Update and put into perspective your 
customer vision

Identifying opportunities 

and give you the keys 

of your success


Enriching offerings and providing a vision of the innovation strategy


Put the mark 

in resonance 

with the times

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