Understanding in depth to gain perspective

In a changing world and in the face of volatile behaviour, we need to identify the factors of resistance and the vectors of consumer change.

We have a unique proprietary Observatory of socio-cultural dynamics, comprising 5 areas of transformation, 3 mega-trends and 20 drivers.

We are convinced that those who have an overall, systemic vision of the Major Movements and Aspirations as an aid to decision-making will benefit from a growth premium.

Our ambition for you

Gaining in relevance

Torn between their desires and new realities, between their beliefs and multiple, sometimes contradictory injunctions, consumers are becoming increasingly unpredictable, elusive and paradoxical. The TrendsLab™ offers a systemic analysis of the axes of transformation and aspirational dynamics in Western World Societies to - like a compass, help you situate yourself in resonance with your customers.

Gaining in performance

By putting qualitative and quantitative data into perspective with this mapping, it strengthens insights and helps to address the following issues, among others:

  • Exploring the potential of a target or market
  • Validate a project, product or service and its conditions for success
  • Responding to a GO/NO GO problem
  • Exploring the sources of performance and differentiation
  • Stimulating creativity through the agile approach

  • Raising brand positioning 


By providing an overview and deciphering complexity in the form of a system, the TrendsLab™ sheds light on your challenges and enables you to shape your future.

At the heart of our Protopia approach to fundamental innovation, it adapts to your categories and markets to build a map of your challenges.

It is implemented internally, weaving together all our analyses. It can also take the form of a conference followed by workshops.


Using TrendsLab™ to innovate, weave meaning, put results into perspective, support the development of territories of opportunity. 




Com Digt- Our work

At the crossroads of the World's 5 transformation axes, its 3 macro-trends and 25 drivers, its deliberately cross-sectoral angle and its many illustrations drawn from phenomena observed in the West make it a rich and inspiring tool for stimulating ideation.

In innovation protocols, it identifies areas of opportunity and enriches the ideation phases by increasing the number of research areas.


In contact with observations, focus groups and interviews, the TrendsLab™ brings a more fundamental dimension to analyses, allows research results to be put into perspective and gives insights greater force.

It pre-evaluates product and service concepts through semi-cultural analysis, enriches the construction of typologies and segmentations and feeds the analysis of imaginary worlds.

tailor-made services

Focus on :

  • sectors
  • targets
  • countries

Tools for innovation :

  • prospective personas
  • drivers of expectations
  • strategic matrix
Update and put into perspective your 
customer vision

Identifying opportunities 

and give you the keys 

of your success


Enriching offerings and providing a vision of the innovation strategy


Put the mark 

in resonance 

with the times

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