Our expertise

We've been collecting and cultivating data for 20 years, and now we're integrating new digital sources. We combine traditional, online and social network data collection (social listening) in agile protocols to develop a complete vision to help you solve your problems.

Our know-how

Over the last 20 years, we have built up a wealth of expertise that today forms our unique identity:

team factory©

A community of creative people combining talents in graphic design, art direction, product and experience design, fashion and dance, to create new imaginary worlds to express positioning and innovation.

Creative yet obsessed with reliability

We apply our creativity to ideation sessions, concept writing and brand name creation. At the same time, we are firmly rooted in our research culture, which is based on scientific foundations.

Tailor-made from start to finish

We draw up an ad hoc methodological recommendation to ensure that the protocol is appropriate to the objectives and issues identified. We work with you to develop specific analyses, including secondary analyses, in order to deliver the expected results.


In a context of war for attention, we have developed a model based on foresight methods (systemic thinking, impact factors, macro-trends, socio-cultural dynamics, scenarios) to create a unique, desirable and actionable path - the opposite of futurology - in the service of disruptive innovation and brand strategy.


We are Esomar members and over the years we have built up a valuable network of international partners who reflect our image - demanding, agile and led by men and women who are committed to the field.

Experts in the integration of socio-cultural dynamics

With its socio-cultural observatory, TrendsLab pinpoints the dynamics of change and the socio-cultural trends at work. In this way, we can put all the data and information we gather into perspective to weave together meaning, enabling you to resonate with people's aspirations and put sustainable strategies into action.

Adwise expertise


Update and sharpen your customer vision


Identify and recommend what builds real links


Creating and evaluating tomorrow's proposals


Measuring, regenerating and strengthening your brand territories

They we have fact confidence. Discover our achievements