Initiate a barometer of awareness and image among Financial Directors


DALENYS is a leader in payment solutions for e-retailers, within the BPCE galaxy. The brand is an expert in the online customer journey.

le Challenge

After a repositioning, DALENYS wanted to assess its reputation and image to better calibrate its communication plan. The challenge for Adwise was to immerse itself in the technical subject of payment solutions and to understand the target customer.

la Methodologie

We know that panel surveys are not qualitative for professional targets; we opted for a telephone approach with a sample of 600 decision-makers in the field of payment solutions; a difficult target to find but one that we carried out successfully with our network of partners (good file, good telephone platform). Prior to this, we conducted 10 interviews with payment solutions experts and an assessment of the brand’s customers and prospects (20 targeted interviews).

les résultats

A first insight into the strength of the brand, enabled by the Adwise team’s high-end expertise, both in B2B and C-Level targets.

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