Developing a range of plant-based alternatives for Gen Z


the Challenge

LA VIE is a start-up created in 2021 around a taste innovation: recreating the inimitable taste of bacon and lardons but with plant-based alternatives to pork. With only two products in its range, the brand contacted Adwise for support in developing its range for Gen Z in Europe. Faced with a blank page, the expectations were to identify and prioritise the products to put on the production line in order to become a cultural leader among 15-25 year olds.


We looked for the protocol smartWe were able to use existing data within the company (research and social listening), produce objective content (from observing eating habits to digital diaries, as declarative information is often false) and weave in-depth analysis thanks to our TrendsLabTM. We worked on the French and English markets.

the results

We identified 8 areas of opportunity for the brand and co-developed 20 concepts and 30 products with LA VIE. We have tested 8 of these products, and they are proving to be very popular. They will be launched in 2024.

With this study, Adwise won the Gold Award in the Product Innovation category of the Trophée Etudes et Innovation 2023, as well as the Study of the Year Award.

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