Peugeot 2008, Identify your territory and your personality

Étude de cas 

le Challenge

On the occasion of the release of the 2008 in the first half of 2023, Peugeot’s flagship model, Stellantis asked us to identify the territory of expression of the brand and the model in order to brief the communication agency. Benefiting from new innovations both on the exterior and the interior, and offering the model in electric form in a context of electrification of models, the challenge was to discover its perceived differentiation and to identify its territory of opportunity and its personality by embodying it in a credible and attractive persona.

la Methodologie

Specific to qualitative studies, we conducted 8 focus groups of French buyers in the segment category, as well as 4 focus groups of Italians in fly-in with elaborate qualitative, projective and sensory animation techniques. Our analysis has focused on placing the results in a more exhaustive vision thanks to the TrendLab data. The socio-cultural analysis allowed us to put the buyers’ statements into perspective in order to position the model in a relevant and engaging way. Now anchored in aspirations, this new model should succeed in reaching its communication target.

les résultats

To be discovered in a few weeks.


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