Qualitative research near buyers / non-buyers


The brief corresponds to the mid-life surveys on vehicles, which take place 1 year after the launch in order to start thinking about the evolutions of the product.

le Challenge

Our case was on the perception of the new 508 in France and Spain, both among individuals and fleet managers.

The challenge was to cover the entire customer experience beyond the product: the customer’s journey from needing/wanting to change vehicle to purchase (channels, weight and impact of the campaign, visit to the dealership), their decision criteria, their experience with the vehicle, the reasons for buying and not buying the new 508

la Methodologie

Adwise’s approach was tailor-made, international and exhaustive.

-We began by setting up a digital community so that everyone could express themselves on their representations, their expectations, the image of Peugeot and the customer journey, which enabled us to develop precise personas.

-We then organised ethno interviews in the vehicle, either in the buyer’s vehicle or in the new 508. This approach enabled us to go into detail about the reasons for buying or not buying the product, from the design to the motorization, from driving aids to the look of the vehicle.

-Finally, we organised sharing groups in order to get people to react to the campaign and to align the findings of the study.

les résultats

The 508 remains one of the best-selling cars in the its segment, confirming Peugeot’s return and its move upmarket

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