The challenge is to help the brand win over the hearts of customers, after having invested in conquering the market of doctors and beauty centres.

le Challenge

The brief came from one of the largest laboratories in aesthetic medicine, inventor of Botox and designer of a new slimming technology with cryolipolysis called Coolsculpting.

la Methodologie

Adwise’s approach was ad hoc, hybrid and comprehensive

We first explored the topic of non-invasive aesthetic medicine through in-depth social listening, accompanied by a monitoring of techniques and communications around cryolipolysis. We also compiled all the existing surveys of our client.

We then listened to women and men interested in slimming, both clients and non-clients of this technique, to gain an in-depth understanding of the perceptions and representations attached to the universe (face-to-face focus groups in our facilities in Paris).

-We then launched a quantitative online survey of 800 people in France, to confirm the information gathered and test the planned communication campaign; we identified the impact of the campaign on purchase intentions and on the brand.

les résultats

The 2022 marketing plan is widely validated internally


The campaign incorporates our claim recommendations and reorients the customer touchpoint pattern.

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