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Services & Beauty: an infinite range...

Today, it's clear that the service era is well underway... Applied to beauty, services take many different forms, starting with transit and mobility, and moving on to personalised offerings, from made-to-measure to on-demand services - aimed primarily at women.


For some time now, we've been coming across trucks offering mobile services located close to workplaces or on campuses, including the Boudoir des Cocottes, where you can have a beauty treatment in 15 minutes or take the space privately. Beauty also comes to us via dispensers in transit areas - airports, stations, underground corridors. Birchbox, for example, has installed a vending machine at Montparnasse station to offer €5 gift sets on themes such as Bonne mine express, Week-end improvisé or Peau nette...

On request

Following in the footsteps of Uber, a new economy is emerging that responds to the need for immediacy, combined with a touch of pleasure, particularly dear to Generation Y... Particularly well established in the US, these services take the form of applications such as Glamsquad or StyleBee, which can send an army of stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists to your home in just a few clicks. In France, apps such as Pop My Day and Her Make Up Paris offer hairdressing, make-up and massage services in the comfort of your own home. With prices similar to those charged by beauty salons, it's clear that the self-employed status is set to take off!

Made to measure

Ultra-personalisation is also a key expectation, which is now shaping an 'intelligent' cosmetics offer that can be precisely adapted to each person's skin type, lifestyle or DNA, using digital technologies in particular.

Congratulations to French start-up Romy, the creator of the 'Nespresso of beauty': a connected machine that determines your skin's needs and delivers the right dose of ingredients in pods - it's up to you!

Another French initiative, Onegen, is based on a scientific fact - our DNA is 99.9% common - to develop an offer for the remaining 0.1%... On the basis of an in-depth diagnosis carried out at the Skin Genomic Center in Paris, the brand offers a skincare protocol designed to the millimetre. Every woman is unique, and we're delighted to know that...

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