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In the last two months of the year, at least two or three marketing events are held every working day: and almost all of them have artificial intelligence as their main theme.

Fascination? Fad? A bit of both, no doubt...

Artificial intelligence is obviously also making inroads into the small world of marketing research - in fact, Adetem and UDA will be devoting a session to it at the National Study Day on 25 January.

Can artificial intelligence do almost anything? In fact... no!

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than algorithms, still programmed by humans, enabling us to perform complex operations at breakneck speed, far beyond what we ourselves could do - which is what enabled AlphaGo to beat world Go champion Lee Sedol.

Artificial intelligence learns from its mistakes; so do humans... well, not always, and in this respect, artificial intelligence is certainly superior to humans.

Artificial intelligence also learns by observing, and derives rules from its observations: this is how AlphaGo Zero managed to beat... AlphaGo, which itself had beaten Lee Sedol - all by itself, without the slightest human assistance.

Even better: "After assimilating the basics and reproducing, without any outside help, the game strategies developed by humans over thousands of years, the programme has gone further by creating completely new openings. "according to Futura Sciences.

Creative artificial intelligence? Not really! In reality, AlphaGo Zero has considered all the possible sequences in a very logical way; we are more in the field of analysis, or rather experimental prowess, than creativity.

AI learns from its mistakes in the sense that once it has considered and tested an unfortunate hypothesis, it eliminates it; humans, on the other hand, have a strong tendency to repeat them, often with minute variations... which can sometimes lead to success!

"Genius is the error in the system".As the painter Paul Klee once said: no doubt this is why AIs, however brilliant they may be, will never be either brilliant or truly creative.

At some point, you have to be able to take a step to the side, to look at things differently; and poor human intelligences take this step all the time, powerful artificial intelligences never do.

No real test and learn, no " it's make or breakOnly human determination will enable us to invent other worlds... and ensure that we don't all end up swimming in the red oceans, leaving the blue ones to the uneducated but brilliant competition.

They we have fact confidence. Discover our achievements