<trp-post-container data-trp-post-id='26915'>Nespresso is really best that the other ?

Consumers agree to pay more for coffee Nespresso or do they think it's better because they pay more for it?

We won't deny that the espressos you can make with them taste much better than those made with a paper filter coffee maker, or that the machine's ergonomics are far superior to those of domestic percolators, Nespresso is making real progress.

Previously, to drink a good espresso, you had to order it from the local bistro - and even then, the results weren't always guaranteed!

However, ergonomic problems aside, a Nespresso Does it taste better than an espresso made with a decent percolator - 15 bars of pressure? And above all, does an espresso made with a NespressoBut using a compatible capsule from another brand?

Of course, that's got nothing to do with it," exclaim the aficionados!

And yet...

A few years ago, researchers at the University of Wisconsin offered volunteers an unpleasant drink, telling some of them that it was a good soup. The result: some found it acceptable, others found it foul!

Better known, experience carried out by McClure and Montague in 2004, in which they asked two colas to be evaluated blindly and then branded: in the 1er 67% of individuals said they preferred Pepsi, in the 2nd75% were in favour of Coca!

The use of an fMRI scan explains this apparent inconsistency: in the case of the blind test, it is the orbitofrontal cortex that is activated, and the hippocampus in the other. In fact, our pleasure does not come from the same source: in the branded experience, memory - via the hippocampus, in other words - plays an important role.

To put it simply, the taste of Coke is taste plus... advertising; or the result of all these communication campaigns: brand image.

Marketing comes into play at two crucial stages in the composition of a food product: at its creation, to fine-tune the recipe - to help create the optimum taste; and after launch, by creating and enriching a brand image that influences taste perception just as much as the salt or sugar it contains!

Of course, coffee from "true capsules Nespresso tastes a lot better than one made from "compatibleThanks in no small part to George Clooney.

But fans of the brand should not be too quick to dismiss the brand as a "brand". "blind test They might be surprised.

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