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Alongside the Paris Design Week last September, the exhibition Maison&Objet is the place to be for design, a major detector of emerging trends and consumer movements. Our strategic planner was there, and in this article we take a closer look at this year's trends. Clearly, we're opting for a healthy, comforting home, with better product traceability and a stronger connection under the theme of Meta Sensible in the home. Meta Sensible was the inspirational theme for this year's show. In simple terms, it's about combining today's increasingly idealised and digitalised world with a return to our roots by fulfilling our commitments. Here are the major Home trends we observed.




Aware of their impact on the planet, all those involved in design are now adopting an eco-responsible approach by using renewable materials, supporting local creation and designing product lines that are more respectful of nature. At the heart of consumer concerns, the climate emergency imposes new ways of consuming, with the need for sustainable furniture and the emergence of recycled/recyclable products.

Craftsmen's skills make a comeback

This comeback can be explained by the arrival of a younger generation keen to perpetuate the values of traditional craftsmanship and to attach as much importance to aesthetics as to ethics. Buyers' attraction to made in France is also a source of explanation, with references to eco-responsibility. We also note that in this context

As a result of the particular social, economic and political context, production is tending to be relocated in France to highlight the expertise of craftspeople who know how to use short supply chains and obtain local materials.

Tender, enthusiastic colour palettes

Two strong trends - feel-good colour trends such as natural, beige, cognac, browns echoing the authentic and organic, versus energetic colours such as mineral yellow, orange and Majorelle blue. After two years of pandemics, it's hardly surprising to surround yourself with positive, cosy colours to combat the gloom.

Comforting materials

A need to connect with nature through wood and a quest for softness through textures such as velvet and wool. The tactile experience soothes and responds to consumers' desire for comfort.

From ever softer shapes

The trend is away from right angles and towards curves to soften the décor.

In this quest for soothing and well-being, furniture is turning to rounded shapes. Softness is added to the interior with wave-shaped cut-outs and rounded corners to help users feel protected.

Raw, durable materials

Alongside warm colours, organic shapes and cosy materials, raw and uncluttered materials are also on the trend list. From a responsible point of view, eco-design should be a priority for designers, who are striving to produce more virtuous creations. Stone, terracotta, metal, paper and recycled plastic are being revived.



Clearly, the Home trends are responding to a desire for well-being, nature, ethics, good humour and eco-responsibility, because "Happiness is continuing to desire what we have", as Saint Augustine put it.

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