<trp-post-container data-trp-post-id='31998'>With the health crisis, the strong desire of the French to consume differently

While several studies show that it takes between 21 and 66 days to adopt a new habit, we wanted to know more at D+37.

Quantitative study carried out among 400 people representative of the French population according to the quota method, using the Cawi system. Fieldwork from 14 to 20 April 2020. This quantitative study completes our article "Brands: how to grasp the incredible demand for empathy of the French" published at the end of March following the analysis of our digital community currently underway.

The results of this study cannot be quoted without the mention "Adwise study on the new state of mind of the French- April 2020".

In summary,

-A strong desire to consume differently (81%), separating the essential from the superfluous (89% - of which 38% completely agree). It is notably a call to de-consume, anti-waste and do-it-yourself, and thus a thinly veiled criticism of the industrial and globalised dimension of consumption. On our digital community, a participant said to us: "do I want to buy this t-shirt that has been manufactured in deplorable human and environmental conditions, shipped to me from the other side of the world and then delivered to me despite the ongoing health risk?


-In this respect, the desire to consume more locally (88%), by favouring short circuits (86%) supports this analysis, which also reveals that the French are more inclined to be interested in "small" brands than in large ones (71%).


-As a result, 4/5ths of French people (87%) are attracted by the French origin of products. One participant told us: "You have to find meaning... I'm going to pay more attention to the origin of what I buy. I'm going to pay more attention to where I buy things from. Try to favour local or made in France or made in Europe. In order to support the economy here and not be so dependent on distant countries.

-Brands still have difficulty convincing people of their ability to make the world a better place (47%), and yet this is where the French expect them to be (92%). One participant said: "Enough of brands that overproduce to the detriment of workers and that, on top of that, offer products for a certain kind of person, excluding all those who fall outside the mould. I want to consume brands that care about the world they live in."

-Solidarity (91%), transparency (90%), preserving the health of employees (92%) and the planet (90%), taking into account the local production fabric (92%), providing security - in short, being a key player in civil society, by committing to the collective good, now outweighs expectations of speed of delivery or anticipation of expectations. One participant concluded: "Brands must make commitments, show solidarity and protect their employees“.


The article published at the end of March (on our website): https://adwise-research.com/2020/03/marques-comment-saisir-cette-formidable-demande-dempathie/

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