<trp-post-container data-trp-post-id='32384'>Digital beauty communities, the era of participatory innovation

For several days, for a beauty brand, Adwise has been interacting with consumers who are passionate about cosmetics and who are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying make-up or, more generally, beauty products.

Through interviews conducted in our agency and a discussion platform on social networks, the team exchanges with selected people committed to a client theme to detect key insights and expected innovations. All these discussions allow us to collect qualitative data in different formats (text, videos, images) and to analyse them in real time via a dashboard.

This restricted community thus offers rich discussions by bringing a proximity to co-construct a new product, collect expectations and needs of consumers, pre-test products and much more.

As part of the animation of this digital platform, Adwise explored the power of branded beauty communities. In addition to influencers who have become the ambassadors and voices of beauty, brands have developed a real creative craze with co-creation concepts to place the consumer as a true muse. This is how the digital brand Nidé.Co has positioned itself. Indeed, the brand offers natural, tailor-made products created from the needs of its community of all ages and shapes. The upcoming projects are announced on the e-shop where everyone can vote. Once the idea is validated, the product is co-created, tested and approved by its community.

Nidé.Co thus conceives specific natural care, of niche by concentrating on problems which do not always have visibility.

More concretely, the brand has a range of atypical products from facial care designed for the premenstrual period to skin care to remineralize it after sea baths.... Participatory innovation is effective and engages the community in a project of reflection and collaboration with the brand. From these exchanges, insights emerge to co-create products or services. Adwise can help you launch your own custom community of customers and prospects to facilitate the emergence of innovative concepts and build brand equity in a different way.

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