Adapt the new BtoB merchant site, the only sales support

Étude de cas 

KEYYO, telecom operator for companies, pure digital player, wishes to redesign its e-commerce site.

le Challenge

Understand customer expectations, analyze the navigation paths on the current site, identify the areas

la Methodologie

We interviewed telecom buyers from companies of various sizes and sectors, in individual interviews with an observed, annotated and discussed mission.

les résultats

Improvement of the bounce rate (-13%), increase of the volume of clicks on the slider (+50%), significant increase of the simulator flow, improvement of the bounce rate on the “online quote” (-11%) and on the “fixed telephony” offer (-12%)


Actualiser et mettre en perspective 

votre vision client


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Enrichir les offres et apporter une vision de la stratégie d’innovation


Mettre la marque en résonnance avec son temps