Validate a new positioning through its packs

Étude de cas 

REVLON has a long-standing commitment to ocean conservation; but you don’t know it.

le Challenge

To check that the new packs support the brand’s renewed positioning, towards naturalness and responsibility

la Methodologie

We chose to interview hairdressers in France, from various salons, through video mini-groups segmented according to the brands used, from the most leading to the most alternative. Two phases of 5 groups were conducted, completed by an in-depth survey of the communication of the most committed brands.

les résultats

An iterative process that enabled Revlon to adjust every detail of the packaging and to enrich its perspectives.


Actualiser et mettre en perspective 

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Enrichir les offres et apporter une vision de la stratégie d’innovation


Mettre la marque en résonnance avec son temps