Understanding GenZ routines and perceptions in France and the UK

La Life

the Challenge

La Vie wants to be one of Europe's favourite food brands and a major player in the food transition. Positioned on the aspirations of preserving the planet, health and animal welfare, La Vie sees Gen Z as a sustainable part of its future growth. The challenge was to understand the routines and perceptions of Gen Z in France and the UK to create a product range adapted to retail and foodservice.


We built a unique qualitative study protocol from 20 flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian individuals aged 16-24 who contributed on a Whatsapp-like platform by posting voice notes, videos, and explanations. Our analysis focused on putting the results into a more comprehensive view using TrendLab data. The socio-cultural analysis allowed us to put into perspective the deep aspirations of this generation to identify strong insights and territories of opportunity for product development. We led an ideation workshop in the presence of the management team which led us to identify 6 product innovation platforms, 20 concepts and 10 products.

the results

Based on our life-centric analysis, we have initiated a longer-term reflection on the basis of imaginary worlds, to serve La Vie's ambitions and develop new products that break with the strategy commonly followed by its competitors.

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