Optimising the customer experience on the brand’s website

Harmonie Mutuelle

Harmonie Mutuelle is looking at the customer journey, which is essential for recruitment and loyalty, particularly online to draw up a health quote

le Challenge

Assess the performance of the current quotation and a new model, with a target group of prospects, and identify the best performing route

la Methodologie

Individual interviews co-led by a qualitative expert and an ergonomist, with an observation phase beforehand, based on an assignment given to the participant.

les résultats

Redefined design ( path steps, zoning, page content), clearly identified execution paths and thinking about brand/offer communication

Actualiser et mettre en perspective votre 
vision client

Identifier les opportunités 

et vous donner les clés 

de votre succès


Enrichir les offres et apporter une vision de la stratégie d’innovation


Mettre la marque 

en résonnance 

avec son temps