Identifying the key formula for regenerating a brand


From exploratory research to product testing, identify the keys to success and the best formula for a renewed beauty experience.

the Challenge

The Group wants to explore the interest in different product formulas for mature skin. The challenge is to continue to deliver excellent results and develop a unique beauty experience.

The challenge is to recommend not only the unique formula, but also the elements of the pack and the concept on which the Group can build and strengthen its Brand Power.


Adwise's approach was ad hoc, iterative and digital
We began by meeting women both face-to-face and digitally during filmed one-to-one interviews, to explore their perceptions of their skin and their perceptions of beauty and the ideal formula. We then distributed the formulas and the protocol.
-We set up a digital community on our digital conversation platform to gather feedback on each of the formulas at key moments in the experience. Each woman posted images and films of her experience.
We brought these women together in face-to-face and digital groups to share their experiences, brainstorm and design the ideal experience, optimise formulas and test concepts.

the results

Clear, operational recommendations for improving the chosen formula, choosing the right packs and communicating an impactful concept to boost the brand.

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