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Little Big Change


The brief comes from an international manufacturer of hygiene products in the femcare, senior and babycare sectors (turnover: €2 billion), specialising in private label production.

the Challenge

For the first time, the Group has decided to launch its own brand of baby nappies in France, seizing the opportunity opened up by the emergence of a new sales channel: digital.

The project was run by two people (marketing and strategy), with limited resources and the need to move quickly. They contacted Adwise to help them define the brand and the content of the offering, based on the basic concept of subscription.


Adwise's approach is based on the Design Thinking model: agile, smart and fast.

-We began by meeting 10 female influencers, mothers of babies and specialists in the baby and lifestyle worlds, to open up our minds, shed light on trends, and share the lifestyles, attitudes, desires and stress points of families with babies. We used both face-to-face meetings and digital exchanges.

We then organised a 4-day Insight Boot Camp, combining a creativity and concept-writing session with the Buzzman agency and the client, and validation with families. We went from 4 brand concepts to 2, and then a single one, developed and enriched around the notion of eco-responsibility. Every aspect is detailed, from the box to the style of nappies, from the loyalty programme to the ordering application. Nothing is left to chance.

-We helped the client draw up its Brand House, including its strategic target, and find video testimonials for their launch.

the results

The results are extraordinary.

As soon as it was launched, the brand ran out of test kits. It established itself on the market with a rebellious, activist positioning, a tone that broke away from the "baby blue", a personality that contrasted with the image of generations of young parents who no longer wanted to choose between simplicity and health.

Subscribers naturally feed the communication by posting little phrases using the nappies.

The brand is now launched internationally

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