The brief came from a leading Spanish clothing company looking to update its knowledge of target customers in France.

the Challenge

The challenge was to carry out a 360° study on all the contact points but also to identify customer personas, their perception and their expectations of a fashion brand.


The Adwise approach was tailor-made, digital and hybrid

-We set up an exploratory study via a digital community of frequent shoppers at Mango and its competitors, with daily missions: expression of their personality and self-definition of their style, individual ethnography of their wardrobe, from their social networks to their day-to-day look over several weeks, in-store missions at competitors and at Mango, expression of their perception of fashion brand images.

-Then we enriched this collection with listening on social networks, visiting the Instagram accounts of the followed influencers and semiotic analysis of the images posted on the community.

-Finally, we brought these women together in video focus groups to share their impressions and their vision of the future of the brand, pushing the representations and boundaries of brand image today.

the results

A better definition of the strategic targets and their expectations allowed us to conduct a profound revamping of the brand, from its collections to the shootings, in order to further assert the fashion dimension.

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